What I’m Up To: Winter, 2013

Hello! For the past few years, I’ve been contributing thrice weekly video columns to CHOW.com. That gig ended this August, so I’m now looking for the next big thing (or stable collection of interesting little things.) One of the peculiarities of my career path thus far is that I’ve worn so many hats (author, editor, writer, reporter, critic, video personality, radio booker) that figuring out which one to don next is a bit of a complicated process.

In the meantime, I’m contributing to CSMonitor.com’s book review section and Modern Parenthood blog, and editing the Heavy Table, an online food magazine for the Upper Midwest. I’m also appearing frequently on Minnesota Public Radio and the Current, and writing and editing books including two (The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food and Lake Superior Flavors) that will be hitting the streets soon.

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