The (Re)Debut of My Portfolio Site

Welcome. This site houses my clips, resume, biographical photos, and several other things pertinent to the professional career of James Norton. If you’ve got a question of any sort, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note.

3 thoughts on “The (Re)Debut of My Portfolio Site

  1. HEY! So glad to find your site. My husband and I look for new clips every day on and have missed seeing any new reviews in a long while. You are our FAVORITE part of getting on that site. Lately, we have just watched old reviews.

    Will you be posting any more?

    One of your BIGGEST fans!

    • Hey Christina, thanks for the kind note! Really appreciate it. Right now I’m in flux at CHOW.cow – fingers crossed, I’ll be doing videos more frequently over there probably starting next month. In the interim, I still have a review or video posting each week, often on Fridays – just keep your eyes peeled.

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